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I will be utilizing this project to track my health food choices, exercise, and other important aspects of health to improve not only my life, but to inspire others to take on a healthy lifestyle. Using a blog will be more beneficial than a wiki in order to make my posts more approachable, fun, noticeable, and easy to access.


For this project I am going to record my health. By this I mean I'm going to post about what I ate (breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks), how much water I consumed, how much sleep I got, any exercise I achieved, and other aspects I find are important. This will be a daily post, in which I will post between 8 pm and midnight. The idea came from an app I have (Lifesum) where I type in what I eat every day, how much I drink and any exercise I do. I already started a few practice posts and have gotten likes on them. I'm positive there is already a community out there that is all about health or loss of weight. So far, the post have been linearly organized. I talk about my food consumption, water and sleep, exercise, thoughts about the day, advice and then a picture or quote that is relevant to my post. I think this will be a very beneficial post not only for myself but for others who want to be healthy. The purpose isn't to lose weight, but to just track my daily health progress. It is also meant to inspire others to choose a healthy lifestyle.

Weekly Reports

Daily reports and weekly summary on https://rmh2016.wordpress.com/

Contract for Grade

I will post daily, which will include what I ate throughout the day, how much sleep I attained, how much water I drank, how I felt/ thought throughout the day and any advice/quotes/pictures/links I would like to add. The posts should be 500 words or more.
This description, according to the guidelines, is worthy of a B or 150 points.

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