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I will create and maintain a Wikispaces Page devoted to instruction and discussion regarding both knitting and crochet. On this wiki I will present tutorials for an extensive list of stitches and reviews for different yarns and patterns, which the audience can contribute to with great ease.


Knitting and Crochet have both exploded as a hobby and more in recent years. Though we still joke about them being "old lady crafts" they are activities enjoyed by all generations. Many of these crafty people turn to the internet for everything from learning the basic stitches to finding the most complex, ornate patterns. As an avid knitter and hooker (person who crochets!) I am taking this opportunity to hone my teaching skills when it comes to crafts.

My project will be to create a wiki that focuses on four basic categories: getting started (tools, terms, and stitches), yarn reviews, pattern/project reviews, and the presence of needlework in today's cultures. I have chosen to use a wiki as opposed to a blog because I believe that it appears more professional, and will make it easier for my audience to navigate and contribute. Information should be easy to find, and it will be easier for the audience to know when topics have been updated because the most recent change is prominently displayed, rather than buried in an archive of blog posts. I intend for this wiki to function both as an instructional resource, and as a place of discussion, particularly on yarn and pattern review pages. I will be presenting the information I see fit, but I am just one person and therefor need communication with my audience to ensure that tutorials are accurate and that a variety of opinions on yarns, patterns, and techniques are presented.

While much of the information I present will draw on my own personal experiences and opinions, I will also avail myself of the current online knitting community. While knitting wikis specifically are not prolific (there are several Wikipedia and Wikihow pages, as well as Knitwiki and Knitting and Crochet Pattern Archive, there are other sites such as Ravelry that I will gather information from.

The first week I will focus on explaining the tools and terminology used in knitting and crochet, and giving tutorials for the basic stitches. This will involve a mixture of written instruction and visual aids. I will create pages on knitting needles, crochet hooks, other accessories, knit and purl stitches, and the four basic crochet stitches.

The second week I will focus on giving tutorials for more complex stitches. This will include increases and decreases in both knitting and crochet, knitting techniques such as cabling, ribbing, eyelets, fairisle and double-knitting, and crochet techniques such as seed stitch, popcorn stitch, star stitch, and wave stitch. I will also make note of whether each stitch is one I am familiar with, or one I am borrowing information on from other sources (and trying for the first time, as I would appear less than credible if I couldn't at least say I've done it once).

The third week will be devoted to reviews of various yarns that I have used, though other users can add reviews of yarns they have used as well. I will give a summary of the yarn content, weight, and gauge, followed by my opinion on texture, ease of use, and what kind of projects I would use it for.

The fourth week I will do reviews of the patterns I have completed or that I have in progress, and the audience is encouraged to add their own reviews here as well. I will give details on the suggested materials and skill levels, and explain how I may or may not have deviated from the suggested materials. I will also summarize my experiences in completing the projects, detailing what went well, what was difficult, and how many times I had to put a project in a time-out.

In the final week I will present information on various examples of knitting and crochet in our media and culture. Examples include Knitting Behind Bars, knitting for charity, and yarnbombing.

The wiki will be organized in the following categories: Tools, Knitting Terminology, Crochet Terminology, Knit Stitches, Crochet Stitches, Yarn Reviews, Pattern Reviews, and Knitting and Crochet in our Culture. In order to solicit participation from others, I will promote my wiki on Tumblr, Wordpress, Facebook, and Twitter.

I will post weekly progress reports on my blog

For my project report, I will write an essay on my WikiName page. This essay will consist of a general overview of my progress and observations, details on what went well and what didn't in each week, and how I would handle this project if I were to do it again with the information I will posses at the end of the semester.

Contract for Grade

I plan to create a minimum of 4 new wiki pages each week, resulting in a total of 20 or more pages by the end of the semester. I believe this will allow me to maintain a wiki that contains a decent number of well developed, organized pages. My goal is to reach 250 points. Because this is a topic I am passionate about, it should be easy to carve out the time necessary to achieve this goal.
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