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=====Project Proposal=====

==Project Title==
Building and Adventuring in Minecraft

==Project URL==
(To be soon updated)

==Executive Description==
This project will be on a blog and will feature tutorials and ideas for Minecraft players. The purpose of this blog is to be useful to players but also entertaining for readers.

Minecraft is a game that has no guide or tutorial. As somebody that struggled with the game at first I yearned for a decent guide for beginners. I personally couldn't find anything. I would hope that my project would be a good place for people to come for ideas and tips.

I don't want my blog to be laid out traditional listing format. I would like my blog to be much more aesthetically pleasing. A tile blog format would suit this well Though I will organize my posts chronologically, I don't want to have my posts needed to be read in any order. This way a reader can choose any random post and go from there; they don't need to find a starting point. For example my blog will have //separate// projects for players to try and different quests to go on. Thus, my blog would be very photo-intensive. For this Tumblr would be my best option due to the many different types of layouts I could choose from.
Some topics I would include:
- Tips for starters
- Different uses for items
- Mods
- Different ideas for building
- Multiplayer games
- Help setting up a server

Along with tutorials I plan on using my blog as a fictional blog and follow the daily adventures of my personal Minecraft character. This will be entertaining to readers because of all the antics that take place in the game. Readers will be able to easily relate to the frustrations of the game.

[[|The Minecraft Blog]] is one of the blogs that inspired this project. This blog has many different topics such as updates, news tutorials, ideas, etc. I plan on building off of this concept of getting news and ideas out to the players. Minecraft is a game with no goals or tasks so players can get bored quickly if they don't have any ideas. I plan on doing my blog differently though. I will be linking more images and videos as well as directly writing to the reader. Also I'm planning on laying my blog out in more of a tiled format rather than the usual listing format. [[|Here's an example of a tutorial I would post]]

As far as the sidebar is concerned I will make a twitter feed to from the creators of Minecraft, similar to the way [[|Mojang]] has their page.

My project report will consist of how I helped people based on the feedback I get. I plan on posting my blog to many different sites to gain attention to garner comments and feedback. I also plan on talking about what I would do differently and the things that went well and the parts that could have gone better.

I will be posting hopefully everyday with several (7-10) short posts a day like photos with a caption then I will be posting a long tutorial (about 750 words) once a week. In addition, I will be posting a roughly 1,000 word "fictional" story about my online character's daily adventures in Minecraft at least once a week.

==Weekly Reports==
My weekly reports will be posted to MattLavrenzWeeklyReports

==Contract For Grade==
I'm going to shoot for 150 points (B) on this project. I plan on posting hopefully everyday but I understand that some days can get busy so I don't want to overshoot what I might be capable of. I will certainly strive to do better than a B but I understand that I may miss days.
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