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=====Project Proposal - MOOC Version=====
A project is optional, but it gives you a way to direct your learning towards a topic or interest of your own design. There will still be weekly materials to engage (read, view, look at, annotate). And we'll continue to meet on Tuesdays. We'll have a weekly exercise to work with in class. But if you are running a project, you can use the week to make //recorded// progress on your project rather than the required activity.

For your project, you will need to show weekly progress, and tag your aggregations, annotations, and repurposings with en3177 to submit them - just as you have been doing.

To start a project, post a plan on the wiki, or your own wiki or blog. If you do it on the wiki, go to your WikiName page, create a new page titled ProjectProposalYourWikiName. Tag your proposal with EN3177.

====What to cover in your plan====
- What you're going to look into. What you look into needs to connect with weblogs, wikis, social media ... or any of the topics we've looked at so far: produsage, publishing, marketing, freelancing ... There are hundreds of possible connections, but you need to state the connect you're going to pursue.
- How are you going to investigate this? By what means or methods, and drawing on what sources? You will need to do some preliminary searching for this: materials to look at, people to talk to, links to make, activities to pursue, artifacts to create... **You need to show weekly progress by way of aggregating, annotating, or repurposing**. So work those requirements into your plan.
- What will you produce as an artifact or set of artifacts? This could be a final repurposing, or a series or set of artifacts that you produce along the way, or both.
- For what grade are you contracting? For this, detail your project //in measurable terms//: numbers. Think in terms of numbers of annotations, aggregations, and repurposings. Specify lengths and frequency of posting. Use good estimations here because you'll be held to them. Showing weekly progress by way of aggregating, annotating, or repurposing is expected. Here are some guidelines on setting the contract.
- 500 pts (about a C) for a general, non-topic-specific project. Reading, linking, and annotating 3 - 4 times a week, about 500 - 750 words each post.
- 750 pts (B) for a focused project, including reading, linking, and annotating, creating weekly artifacts, searching for subjects to discuss (not simply comment on but consider and delve into), 3 - 4 times a week, about 500 - 750 words or so. Can include artifacts outside of exposition: mind-maps, timelines, etc.
- 1000 pts (A) for a focused, extensive project. Searching, reading, linking, and annotating, creating weekly artifacts pushing 500 - 750 - 1000 words or videos or podcasts, experiments...
- Contracts are set for the number of points: 500 / 750 / 1000.

Hand in a print version for my feedback and ok.

====Some Examples====
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