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Project Proposal - MOOC Version

A project is optional, but it gives you a way to direct your learning towards a topic or interest of your own design. There will still be weekly materials to engage (read, view, look at), but rather than following the required activity beyond reading and responding, you can use the week to make recorded progress on your project.

You will need to show weekly progress, and tag your aggregations, annotations, and repurposings with en3177 to submit them,

To start a project, post a plan on the wiki (or your own wiki or blog). Go to your WikiName page, create a new page titled ProjectProposalYourWikiName. Tag your proposal with EN3177. And hand in a print version for my feedback and ok. Ok?

What to cover in your plan

Contracts are set for the number of points: 500 / 750 / 1000.

Your project has to be approved by me before it will be counted in your grade.

Use good estimations because you'll be held to them.

You can earn more points than you contract for if you end up going beyond what you originally planned on. On the other hand, if you fall short on the contract, you may receive fewer points. (I'm hoping for the former.)


State specifically as possible where you will be at check in times below. Again, think in terms of numbers and frequency and state explicitly what you plan to have by each point.

During the week of April 5 - 9, you'll be taking studio tours of the projects of others. The assignment will be posted.

We'll meet on finals day. Reports are due by Weds, May 5th, 2010.

some examples

These are all very good project proposal (clearly planned and stated) which resulted in 1000 point projects.
There are other projects to look at in the archives at PastParticipants.

See also BlogSites for examples | ExampleWikis and WikiAsCulture for examples | CourseSyllabus

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