Kendra Hacker's Project Proposal

Title of Project
Tips for a Healthier Life

Email Address and URL for the Project
My Email
My Wordpress

Executive Description
I am using a Wordpress blog to educate people on how to live a healthier life by informing them on healthy eating tips and recipes, workout tips and body-image tips. Learning easy ways to have a healthier life is important because will improve one's life as a whole and I think that a blog will help me set the tone and personalize my posts and easily facilitate the information.

For this project, I want to create blog posts that help inform others on fitness tips, whether it be workout tips, eating tips or body image tips. By writing about these three different tips, I hope that I will be able to help readers become more informed and knowledgeable about the things that they eat and how they workout. I also think that my blog posts can help people gain peace with their body, as I want to portray body positive messages, as I will write posts that will help people make healthier choices in their life, instead of focusing on weight loss or losing inches.

Each week, I plan on writing a workout tip blog post first, and then two eating tips and/or recipes and then ending my weblog for the week by writing a blog post about positive body image. I want to publish the blogs posts in this order because I think that working out is a crucial part of creating a healthier lifestyle in one's life. I want to write more posts about eating tips and healthy recipes because without eating the right food or the right amount of food, workouts aren't as successful. I will also try one healthy recipe from Skinny Taste and post the recipe onto my blog with a picture of how the dish turned out for me. To end my blog for the week, I want to write a post on body image, because I think that that is the toughest thing that a person can overcome. I want to incorporate this idea into my 'tips for a healthier life' because it's an important concept that people have to come to terms with and I think that it's important to talk about because it might change people's perspectives on their body. I think placing the topic of body image at the end of the week will allow readers to have time to really think about the topic. By writing posts on all of the topics written about above each week, I hope that I will be able to write deeper posts about each topics and continue to expand information and my thoughts on each of them.

For my WordPress blog, I will be using this website/blog as a main place for inspiration and ideas when it comes to healthy recipes. I will pick a Skinny Taste recipe off of the site once a week and cook it myself, providing a blog post and picture of how it turned out for me. For the eating tips and some workout tips, I will look at Health and Self to help me gather information to include in my blog posts and ideas. I want to write posts about different things that people should and should not do before/during/after a workout. I would also like to find information about eating tips that relate to portion size and what to eat and what to avoid to create a healthy eating lifestyle. Unlike some of the workout, eating, and body image posts on these sites, I will add in links to other sites and their articles within my blog post to deepen the conversation. Like the sites listed, I plan on using bold headings to make the important information stick out. Unlike the sites listed above, I will also incorporate videos and images of working out, healthy food and body-positive portraits into some of my posts if needed. I will also use articles and posts from sites that are not listed previously above, but for the post part I will only use Skinny Taste, Health, and Self within my blog posts.

For my Wordpress blog design, I will have a white background. Compared to my old design and layout for my blog, I think that this will make it look more professional. I want readers to get to the information that they are looking for as quickly and easily as they can without being distracted by a busy background or colors. For the blogroll, I will have Skinny Taste, Health, and Self listed there along with any other blogs or sites that I find useful throughout the duration of this project. Other than that, I will have information about myself, my blog post categories, and how to subscribe or follow my site on the side bar of my blog site.

While I write about workout, eating, and body-positive tips, I hope that I will achieve not only having a healthier life and mindset myself, but also to influence others' lives and their thoughts on healthy food, habits and self-perception. I also hope that my writing will allow me to think deeper about these topics and to add my own input to personalize the posts and to potentially make it more interesting to the individuals who read them. I think that my project has great value to others because it will help educate them into living a better and healthier life with tips that are manageable to incorporate into their lifestyles. I think that having a blog about healthy topics will help others live their best life.

I envision my project report to be on my WordPress blog. I think it would be easier to organize my ideas on a weblog rather than a wiki for this project. I plan on linking all of the blog posts that I will have done throughout the duration of this project on a new blog post where I write about the highlights of what I found in all of the blog topics and the response that I received from the public. I want to report on how I changed through this project, both in my personal mentality with these topics and my research skills in finding information. I will take the class through the journey of trying to live my healthiest life during this project through my blog and verbal presentation, while also showing pictures of the healthy things from my blog posts that I have done and my thoughts on them.

Weekly Reports
My weekly reports will be posted to my blog, Kendra's Blog

Contract for Grade
My contract will be for 150 pts (B). I will post 3-4 times a week. My weekly reflections will be 500-1000 words and will be posted every Monday. All of my other posts will be 500-750 words and posted throughout the week before the weekly reflection. My posts, other than the weekly reflections, will be focused on healthy eating tips, recipes, workout tips, and body-image tips and will include other links when necessary.
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