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Cooking with Jeanna

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Email Address: ev5663uk@live.bemidjistate.edu
Project URL: Cooking With Jeanna

Executive description

I will be creating a separate blog from my class blog to create a guide about cooking for beginners. I will be using a blog rather than a wiki because cooking is as much about the science behind it as it is about personal touch and preference.


I follow a lot of lifestyle blogs where they try something (activity, new food, and then make a post on it). My project will take same idea and apply it to cooking. I am not a cook, so I thought it could be more of a cooking blog for beginners. When I see a recipe somewhere, I always get a little intimidated because I want to know everything about something before I try it. “A pinch of this” and “add butter” doesn’t work for me; I need to know EXACTLY what to do. I want to create a blog where anyone at any cooking level can try these meals on their own and learn more about the meal itself in the process. I will be very thorough in my posts about the meals I choose. I chose a blog for this project because even though I will be doing research on everything I post about, I will be sharing my opinions and insights about what I am making. I will have the comments section open so people can share information, tips, and advice, but it will be more of a personal preference to cooking style, so I believe a blog is a good fit.

I will organize this blog into weeks. Each week will be a new theme. The meal I try will fit with that theme. For example, one week could be “Pasta Week”, where all of the posts under that week will be on pasta related things (recipe, history on the dish, style of cooking, nutritional facts, blogs that focus on it) At the end of the week (probably on Saturdays) I will make a post of me making it step by step with me documenting the process. I will link in my blog posts about where I found all of my information and where I found my recipe.

After trying out the recipe, I will post a review of the recipe, rating how easy it was for me as a beginner to make it. I will be honest about how the whole process was: finding the ingredients, prep time, cook time, the final meal, and if it tastes good. Nothing is worse than spending so much time on something, for it not to be good.

I will be creating a blog roll on the side of all the cooking blogs that I am following and learning from. I will also be adding some extra posts during the project where I “Spotlight” something cooking related in which I will review another cooking blog, video, podcast, or cookbook that the audience can check out.

I live in a small town that only has one grocery store that doesn’t have a big selection on fresh organic foods, so my blog will not be a blog directed towards a certain audience like “organic”, “vegan”, or “vegetarian”. This doesn't mean I won’t make these kinds of dishes while finding new recipes, but this blog will have a variety of beginner recipes. For this blog, the recipes I choose to try will be “staple” meals. They will be meals that can be served for breakfast, lunch or dinner. If time allows, I will try to incorporate other beginner recipes for appetizers, sauces, and desserts.

I will also be posting what kitchen tools I will be using. I will only be using recipes that require basic kitchen tools. I do not own some tools that are commonly found in cookbooks (blender, juicer, rice cooker, etc). I do own a crockpot and plan on using it at least once during this project. I want to find recipes that don’t need any “fancy gadgets”, because like me and a lot of beginners, we don’t have those things in the kitchen.

I will add a comments section and a contact page for the audience to either give further advice, ask for clarification on something, or maybe have a suggestion for a meal they would like to see on the blog. I will also link my Pinterest to my blog for people to see what I want to try, or other articles that I have pinned for later reading.

I will post a final report to my blog for class, Jeanna’s Blog, on how this project went. I will share everything that I experienced during the process. I’ll share my thoughts on using this type of platform for the project. I will also share my plans for the blog and what the information I found at the end of the project.

I found cooking style blogs, read cooking articles, and am reading a book on cooking for beginners: While I am finding more readings, this list will grow. I will annotate them as I dive deeper into each of them.

Weekly Reports

I will post weekly reflections on Jeanna’s Blog

Contract for Grade

I will be contracting for 250 points. To achieve this, I will be posting at least three times a week. My posts will vary in length, 500-1000 words, but each post will be at least 500 words. Every post will be linked to outside material (online and some off) on the information I used. Every week there will be at least one detailed step-by-step guide to make a meal, with images to go along with it.
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