Becoming Healthy Through Food

Executive Summary:
There is a obesity epidemic in the U.S. in order for fix this Americans need to become more knowledgeable about nutrition. My goal is to inform people about how to make healthier decision and the tricks food producers use as marketing tactics, as well as promote cooking at home.


Currently more than one-third of U.S. adults are obese, the rise in obesity of children is even more shocking. In a recent survey, almost 70 percent of American adults were identified as overweight or obese (Flegal, Carroll, Ogden & Curtin, 2010). Obesity is not just about the weight it is directly related to much worse health conditions including heart disease, type 2 diabetes, certain type of cancer and over all poorer health. I believe many factors have contributed to the struggle Americans are having with weight. There has been an decrease in the amount of food cooked at home and increase in the popularity of frozen and readymade meals. One of the most important, if not the most, thing a person can do to live healthier is to make food at home. That’s why I want to share my passion for cooking. \
But for those who absolutely cannot find the time to cook there is knowledge. The concept of processed for being such a large part of our diet is still new. I want to unmask the processed foods industry and help people make better decisions about the products they are consuming. For instance in my “Is Subway Health” post I talked about how through the health halo effect people believe they are eating healthy at subway when in actually they are consuming the same amount of calories they would if they ate at McDonalds, and since they are being so “healthy” they don’t feel guilty about adding a cookie to their meal. Additionally I will reveal the tricky ways companies market their foods, like “Greek Yogurt” to show people that just because you’re eating Special K Cracker Chips doesn’t mean there better than potato chips, chips are chips. The theory that I am using when writing about marketing of food products is the “health halo” – key health terms (fiber, low-fat, and natural) on processed food causes a halo effect on the consumers of that product. Consumers perceive the product to have more nutritional value than it does.
A blog is the perfect medium for my project because it allow me to be more personal with the readers, hopefully create a community, and allow for open communication through comments. An example of a healthy living blog is Sarah fit . She focuses a lot on fitness, whereas I will focus on nutrition, but I like her style.
Posts will be organized under marketing(anything related to the marketing of a product), healthy lifestyle(things relating to nutrition) , and food(general posts about food things I like).

I will post two essays a week in either healthy lifestyle or marketing that will be at least 750 words. As well as post a one smaller post a week, no more than 500, about cooking, food, or current events happening in nutrition.
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