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Can Blogging About Assigned Readings Help With Memory?

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I am going to create a blog dedicated to class novel readings to see if it will help with memorization and/or recall of said assigned readings' events. A blog will be most useful as it will assure that others cannot alter my notes when I put them down, ensuring that what I may recall or memorize is of what I and I alone read from the material.


I have a lot of novels and book chapters to read this semester due to my English major. I'm sure you've all seen me griping about it on my class blog. I've decided to devote this project to trying to lighten the load on my brain through blogging.

I will create a separate blog devoted to this project and add content to it with each book that I read. I primarily plan to focus on the novels I am reading in my Young Adult Literature class and my Short Story Cycles class, as they have the largest book list with 7 and 6 books, respectively. Each post will pertain to either a chapter or a chunk of chapters in the book I am currently reading, highlighting important characters and events that occur in said chapters. These posts may vary in size and amount of chapters, depending on the book in question and the lengths of its chapters. The posts will be appropriately tagged and categorized by book to avoid confusion.

I mainly want to see if blogging the main content of my readings and then going over them later for review will help me differentiate between the various readings I am doing for my English classes and assist in material memorization. I will focus primarily on the novels for the above classes, leaving my textbook content out of it to avoid mixing up fictional material and factual information between classes.

I will post my weekly reports under a Weekly Reports category in the project blog. Report links will be tweeted with the #en3177 hashtag as well to ensure that their completion has been announced. Weekly Reports will be posted, at the latest, on Monday at midnight. I will primarily be aiming to post these between Saturday and Monday time range.

If this experiment is successful, this blog may see continued use in future English classes that involve a large book list. If not, then it will likely be kept as a reminder of a particularly stressful point in my college career.

Weekly Reports

weekly reports section of project blog

Contract for Grade

I am contracting for the B (150 points) due to the nature of my project. Links will be brought in when necessary and posts will be frequent, 3-4 times a week at minimum, 500 words minimum per post. This will hopefully leave me wiggle room in case something goes wrong with my time management regarding the juggling of all these reading assignments.
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