Primary Project Title:

The Cellulite Chronicles

Executive Project Description
As an overweight adult woman, I am on the first few legs of a new journey: weight-loss and life reformation. Over the next few weeks, I will chronicle my rules, expectations, efforts, struggles and successes. I will also open it to my immediate family so that we can all communicate about my efforts and their efforts.

I have numerous personal reasons to change my life and eating habits. I also have numerous logical and sound medical reasons to lose weight. From family health patterns, to personal lamentations about my life, to resounding medical recommendations for all humans, I am at the place in my life where I want the change to begin and happen now. I am somewhat hesitant as to how vulnerable this blog will be, and at the same time, I am eager to begin work on something to honest and potentially life changing; life saving. I will compile my daily struggles and victories. I will add various articles of inspiration from around the Internet. I will also include meeting notes from my weight loss group that meets here on campus. My blog and project will be extremely raw and honest.

Contract for Grade
Given the late start, I know I am somewhat behind the potential and optimal number of blog entries. However, given the knowledge that my diet and plans for my health change will entail every minute and aspect of my life, I do not doubt my ability to maintain a rigid blogging schedule to earn a solid B grade (750) points.

By the time of our class presentations and F2F meetings, I will have a detailed and inclusive account of everything I have done in my attempt to change my life and lose weight. I will include a daily journal of food eaten, physical activity plan, weight loss numbers and numerous accounts of personal inspirations.

Starting Tuesday, March 18, 2008, I will blog at least 3 times a day - including my plan for the day, a half-way account of progress and an ending thought on the day. Posts will also include progress on goals.

Seconday Project Title:

Finding Family Peters

Executive Project Description
There is more about the Peters Family that I do not know, than there are things that I do know. I will change that through determined research, correspondence with little known family members and an all out dedicated heart to learn my family history.

I know that my father's father was one of twenty children. No twins, no triplets; twenty individually birthed children to Jans and Elizabeth Peters. I know that Jans and Elizabeth immigrated to the United State in the early part of the 20th century, leaving behind family, friends and their home in Germany. My father, Allen Lawrence, has nearly seventy first cousins. That is where my knowledge runs dry.

I have been told for years that someone, somewhere, knows the answers to all my burning questions. I intend to dive into any fact or info I can get my hands on. Or, for this project, my eyes - as most of my research and knowledge will come from E-mails from family members across the country. I hope to attain, in some capacity towards the end of this semester, a blossoming family tree to which I can invite Peters far and wide so that they may add and update their knowledge and whereabouts. I do not see the project being completed to my satisfaction within the limits of the next few months, however, I hope to have laid down a solid foundation from which to continue working for months, perhaps years, to come.

My wiki and/or project will have a blog element and feel to it. Based on the initial response and input I get from family members, I will keep the wiki updated as accurately and as often as I can. As information comes in, I will organize it with names, dates (birth and death), current whereabouts, place of burial and most other pertinent information. I will also make amountable efforts with public records, including the place where most of Jans and Elizabeth's children were born: Glidden, Iowa. I do not know much about acquiring such information such as birth or death records, namely if money is required, but through leads and recommendations, I will compile any information, whatever form, by which it comes; family, records, internet, etc.

In short, there are two goals:
SHORT TERM: Gather and begin listing information
LONG TERM: Open the Wiki to identified (and technologically inclined) family members to add their knowledge and own family whereabouts.

Contract for Grade
I believe an appropriate grade, based on my hopes and goals for this Wiki project, would be within the B (750 pts) range. I will update the Wiki, either with discovered information or a blog-like entry explaining my efforts, at least 3 times a week. Since this is a project with informational aspirations, certain levels of new and organized information will have to be added to the site consistently.

By the time of our presentations, I will have a growing informational Wiki about Jans & Elizabeth Peters and their 20 children. I will also have begun to invite willing and able family members to contribute to the Wiki, as a sort of cyber family reunion that we might refer to for years to come.

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