Page Affordances

Affordance is how an object hints at what its use may be, and impacts how intuitive a design is. Similarly, PageAffordances creates expectations as to how one might be able to interact with a page. For instance, one can usually assume that blue text that is underlined is a hyperlink, or an element that darkens when the mouse hovers over it may perform some sort of action when clicked.

Image of a hyperlink.

Text and Images

Images can be used to add symbols to represent certain actions while text can explicitly state them. A button with the phrase "submit" affords both clicking and submitting information. Images of speech bubbles are often used to imply a link to a user's messages.


Patterns are used to group items that share a common theme. Blog posts can often be differentiated since they usually start with a title and end with a section to perform actions on the post such as writing comments.


The position of an element can be used to further infer its purpose. Scroll bars that begin to look like squares as a page grows large enough are still implied to be vertical or horizontal depending on the side each is located on.

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