Many blogs, such as Loralee's Looney Tunes, Froyd's Rants, and Rage Dump, are written in a way so that the posts are just what the writer was thinking of at the moment. This form of writing style is common in blogs, but would not be acceptable for a class paper. It's OffTheCuffBlogging.

Bloggers are less likely to spend hours revising their posts and as a result blogs tend to have an off-the-cuff feeling. This tendency to informal, immediate, unedited writing lends authenticity to the blog; it makes the blog feel honest, open, revelatory.

The ease of publishing provides writers with the freedom to publish random things (quizes, bizarre links, or whatever). It's an easy place to post the things you discover when wasting time on the internet (or learning about yourself through procrastination).

Often times chain reactions are sparked within the blogging community due to the things people post. One person finds something of interest, such as a quiz or interesting site and they post it to their site. Their friends follow suite.

Because of the BloggingCommunities that form people who never could have intersect have an opportunity to do so. In that way, blogging is not a solitary effort. Bloggers don’t just read their own blogs, they read the blogs of others and comment on them. In doing so, they from BloggingCommunities where authors connect and share.

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See also IntentionalBlogging

I find OffTheCuffBlogging personally suits me better than IntenionalBlogging. It is less scholarly, but more rewarding and personal. I enjoy the short 30 minute blurb as to the multi hour "essay" blog. Although it is less thought out and created with more haste, it just feels more personal to me. Posting a quick little quiz or maybe reciting a funny story from earlier in the day has more of a conversational tone to it. It is more like making an aquantance rather than a friend.


I like a mix of OffTheCuffBlogging and IntentionalBlogging. Sometimes it's nice to write a short paragraph expressing how I feel, but other times I like to write long 1000 word posts that I spend a lot of time thinking about. Yet, there is a difference in my normal writing and blog writing. When I'm blogging off the cuff or intentionally, I do put a lot less effort into it than I would a paper for a professor or something I would send to a magazine to be published.

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