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Concerning Chapter Two of Rettberg Text (oog-booga-balooga)

its those blue links, a way of condensed-shortcut to information, book says, "form of writing which branch or perform on request", allows you to link out or in, but what does that mean, it gets more specific or more general, or links to a picture, who thought it up ? tedd nelson did, he was a grad student,

what else?

usually separate pieces of text connected by links, nick posted something about, morgan went to echo, thats linking hypertext,

what else did tedd nelson do ? it gets quiet . . . he thought up xanadu, conceptualized not created, it looked like the web without links, nelson wrote a few books, about people in the sea or internet i mean, what else? it gets quiet again, mimex, what is that? what was it? it gets quiet . . . really quiet. mimex is the web browser in a desk, who thought that one up? bush. after ww2, to help people think.

what is the late age of print?

popularized by bolter, we are in it, morgan knows them, they drink latte's together (haha), less things are coming out in print, PRINT not as popular, web is quicker, library is boring, blogs are active, before print, art was flexible malleable but print stymied this process but with web it can get back to that, transition of sources: these are right or wrong, actually were just repeating the debates, the author claims. it is also the gutenberg parenthesis, late age of print is a shift away from a print mindset: that something is written and fixed, prior to print it was the notion that the arts are not set down but very flexible, think of folk songs, and homer, who is homer? know one knows it is a mystery, troubadours! traveling the land singing for wine and women, cover bands, folk songs. shakespeare stole his plots, i steal mine too, books are hard to revise, unfixedness is a function of paper, goes back to dissemination, print one-thousand copies and throw them out, print is waning! hallelujah! praise the net! each have their function though.

what else?

public sphere? what is it? think of the public and private interface, the public discussion should be well thought out according to habermas, h, thinks it gets diluted, don't need a phd to claim to be an expert, this creates a tension, yet the rise of amateur happens; pink floyd, they are pros, still are, punk was the rise of amateurs against pink floyd, fuck pink floyd t-shirts and three chords = punk bands, coffee houses in earlier times also were not populated by experts but poets, poets rock

what is network literacy? we are taking notes and posting them on the web we obviously have some network literacy, talking and taking notes we are going back and forth between different literacies, print is econimical on the other hand it is not the only way: audio video camera etc class ends
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