Notes for Jan 9, 2009

Morgan is teaching us how to create a notes page.

Notes need to be clear and understandable

can be informal

someone has to do notes everyday

books are in next wednesday

for the weekend we have a reading assignment

the reason why were doing this is because wikis are a collaboration


Who's Brian Lamb?

Brian Lamb was one of the first who worked on wikis.

Wikis are mainly focused for people who aren't students.

Next class we'll work on wikis.

Wiki people are a click.

wiki - Website that lowers the barrier between writers and readers

Ward Commings invented wikis.

They're created with little code, and were created for communication.

People can go in and change or edit anything.

Problem is that there is no authority for the writer of the wiki.

You could write something stuffy and someone can come in and change it.

the only way to control the authority is how well the community buy or like your work

wikis hold a history of the pages

wikis will do its best job to show the history of the page

when clicking on a history page you will see the additions and deletions of the page

it will also show you when the last change on the page was made and who made it ex.) 1-13-09, bob johnstan

people usually won't change much, but the will change things to make it better

most wiki have a style guide that you follow to help you go through the wiki you're in

wikis develop from a discussion to a content page (not sure what he said here)

if you see something wrong on a page fix it!

we-the community is agreeing to it for the moment

if you don't like something change it!

sign the page you comment on

one person start a page, others comment on it, after so many comments, author or other people can go on the page and make changes

read the Collaboration Conventions page for a few short tips to fix you're own page or others

wikis are good for taking notes, dictionaries, discussions, portfolios (if you have nice friends), how to pages (how to make a bird house, how to build a paper boat, etc)

you can have you own collaboration with a wiki

writing for the wiki changes how people write

wikis are now more heavily getting into businesses


Silence was the answer for the day

Summary from Helen Hansen

Today in class Dr. Morgan gave an introduction lecture on how the wiki was created and how it is used by an author who creates a wiki and how people comment on the wiki page or change the content of author's work. He discussed guides that are created for wiki users so the users can work on a wiki more quickly and easily. He commented that students have been adding to the wiki guide for this course, and have added to the Collaboration Conventions page. On this page are helpful tips to editing wiki pages. This page has the phrase "we" on it, and that shows that the students formed a collaboration and agreed on certain aspects that should be included on the Collaboration Conventions page. Dr. Morgan strongly urges us to make minor changes on a wiki page if we find a mistake. He also commented at the end of the lecture that a person's writing changes as they write for a wiki page. They learn that if they want to maintain authority on a wiki page they need to write to please the masses. The main point of the lecture was that there is no authority on wiki pages because anyone can log on to your wiki page and change what you have written.

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