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Getting around on a Wiki. Simplest data base around. Simplicity gives a lot of power and responsibility to the user to build not only content but structure.

Structure is built with the sequence: Word-sentence-paragraph-topic

Create a topic with a Wiki- Name. Topics grow out of other topics.

the author has a few tools to use to create order on a wiki.

PageIndex- an alphabetical list of all pages on the local wiki

Categories- Organizing with categories as in CategoryAdmin can help keep the pages separated by topics.

RecentChanges- History records all that is done on the wiki

Page Histories are found at the bottom of each page that track each revision on the page. Any edit can be undone or simply viewed to see the evolution of the page.

=====Evolution of wikis=====
Wikis develop when someone builds off of the work of another person with summary or additions.
They depend on a community to give ideas and revisions.
Collaborative effort where viewers need to participate.
The strongest topics will survive and thrive.
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