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==Symbiosis of how Blogs Intersect with Mainstream Media==

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For Wednesday Chapter 5
Will __not __meet on Friday

==Authenitcity of Bloggers vs. Journalists==
-Even you are completly objective, some one could still assume bias of an authentic blogger that they wouldnt think of a journalist.
-Bloggers might trust authentic bloggers more so than a journalist because they dont trust the process of news filtering and more and more news organizations are showing bias.
-Blogs can be more personal rather than credible so readers will try to figure out who you are as a blogger
**Positive features of Media Journalism**-Professionalism, Objectivity, and Crebility
**Negative features**-Control through editors and brand, topics end after its published
**Positive features of Authentic Bloggers**-Share true Honesty (what the individual writer believes), People have ability to share opinions with blogger, Can edit/topic can continue
**Negative features**-No control, Revisions of blog can change the authencitity

==Symbiosis of how Blogs Intersect with Mainstream Media==

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