Notes for Group B 2009

Members Jan 16: NicholasOmann NotesGroupB16Jan2009
Jan 21: MeghanBittner NotesGroupB21Jan2009
Jan 26: RichelleIrish NotesGroupB26Jan2009
Jan 28: CharlesPulkrabek NotesGroupB28Jan2009
Jan 30: MeghanBittner NotesGroupB30Jan2009

Feb 2: RichelleIrish NotesGroupB2Feb2009
Feb 4: CharlesPulkrabek NotesGroupB4Feb2009
Feb 6: CharlesPulkrabek NotesGroupB6Feb2009
Feb 9: MeghanBittner NotesGroupB9Feb2009
Feb 11: MeghanBittner NotesGroupB11Feb2009

Feb 13: MeghanBittner NotesGroupB13Feb2009
Feb 18: RichelleIrish NotesGroupB18Feb2009
Feb 20: MeghanBittner NotesGroupB20Feb2009
Mar 25: Name of Note Taker NotesGroupB25Mar2009
Date: Name of Note Taker NotesGroupDateMonth

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