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===First Wiki Notes===

The first think I've noticed is that a Wiki, compared to a blog, is an ongoing, editable by any who choose(if that's how you make your Wiki) website. Or, in better terms, "A wiki is not a carefully crafted site for casual visitors. Instead, it seeks to involve the visitor in an ongoing process of creation and collaboration that constantly changes the Web site landscape." I liked how this was defined because when I read the work "casual visitors" I thought of blogging. I definitely think that a blog could be a page for collaboration, but comments that are used on blogs can be more of opinions versus collaboration. If a person has a blog and someone comments on it to allow for collaboration on the blog post, then the author of the blog post has to either respond or edit their own blog post. However, on a Wiki you skip all of those steps by being able to edit it yourself.

Wiki pages kind of reminded me of sharing on Google Docs.

In 2014 Cunningham said that we should not think of a wiki as one website... I didn't take to this idea until I took Electronic Rhetoric with Dr. Morgan last semester. To me, Wikipedia was only the search engine you DO NOT use for credible sources... I never realized the difference.

I had few laughs when reading Lamb's article. The clicking comment made me laugh out loud and then the commend about the Web being the LSD of the 90s... if you would have been in my house, so true for some of my family members. Including myself.

And I couldn't agree more that this is happening through the use of wikis. The interactive and collaborative piece that is.

Also, the fact that Wikis are considered simple hypertext mark up... I would argue not, but I am a novice when it comes to hypertext. I have seen this brought up in multiple articles though.

This also struck out as interesting: "Content is ego-less, time-less, and never finished." This made me think of blogs and how full of these three aspects that they can be...

I enjoyed reading about the collaborative examples from a classroom standpoint. I've always been pushed to use social media sites like twitter, or even a blog in my classrooms. I was never really comfortable with it and now with a Wiki as an option... I feel more optimistic about it.

And, my earlier opinion about blogs vs. wikis is supported, even thought this quote doesn't seem like it, but I read on!
"Editing is the same as quarreling with writers, ¬Ěsame thing exactly."
The Haughey wiki page is amazing.

The Intellectual Property Impossibility Theorem-- this reminded me of creative commons and how much I love Pintetest.

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