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Hi! My name is Richelle Irish and I am a 20 year old Junior here at Bemidji State. I am majoring in Secondary Ed with a
focus on English and Art. Web Log and Wikis is an elective that I chose to take to full fill the English credits and because
I like working with computers. I recently transfered after getting my A.A. at Mesabi Range Comm. and Tech. College in
Virginia, MN and I live in Tamarack this year. My home town is Mountain Iron, MN (a very small town in the North about 2 1/2 hours away).
I have a family of four including my mother Kathie, father Dale and younger 12 year old brother Riley.


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My b.f. Mike

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This last summer we went to San Francisco for vacation and went to Golden Gate

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Being Funny

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My last Birthday with my boyfriend and brother

Goal in Life

To develop a successful career path in Teaching with an emphasis in English and Art.
"My Goal in life is to be more than one in a billion, but be one who can make at least a
small difference in the World through listening, learning and teaching.”


Back home, I work at a Candy Store called Canelake's Candy. This store is awesome! This is my forth year working there and I really miss it while I am away at school. The store has been open for 105 years and has the best chocolate ever. This is my favorite job that I have ever had (one that I actually miss working at).

Spring Semester 09'

Web Log & Wikis
Literature for Young Adults
American Literature 2
British and World Drama

In my Free Time

My Favorite Music: Mostly Hip/Hop Rap but I listen to anything
Favorite TV Shows: Family Guy! And I am obbsessed with Grey's Anatomy
Favorite Movies: Super Bad, Butterfly Effect, The Saws Series

I have a boyfriend that lives in Virginia, MN which is very close to my hometown.
He is attending Hibbing Comm. and Tech. College in Hibbing, MN for Law Enforcement.
This is his second year and is planning to graduate in the Spring.

My Favorite Sites

facebook.com Facebook
myspace.com Myspace
google.com Google
canelakes.com Canelake's Candy

How to Contact Me

Personal - shelly_ann_2006@hotmail.com
School - richelle.irish@st.bemidjistate.edu

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