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- Blogs are social, written with the expectation of having readers. They organize as a peer-to-peer network. (62-3)
- Blogs are decentralized. Each runs as an independent site, connected to other blogs by interests, typically. (64). Social media sites such as FB are centralized as a single site that participants share.
- Unlike the social structure of traditional media, blogs support a network of small audiences and many producers.
- The term //social media // came into use to describe blogs when traditional media realized they needed to engage the blog network. (63)
- Being decentralized, blogs allow the individual to maintain power than centralized systems (66).

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===== Morgan's Notes on Rettberg, 2nd ed, Chap 3 =====
===== Morgan's Notes in Rettberg, 2nd ed, Chap 3 =====

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