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=====Notes on Invention 25 Mar 2009=====
Mid-term meeting
Talk about where everyone is at -

Strengths first
what makes posts strong
what are you doing in the background that others aren't seeing?

Problems second
what problems encountered
what you're going to do to address those problems

talk about searching google for the strange
talk about setting deadlines and times to post - SOMETHING

I'd bet the best blogs are proactive: Rather than waiting for something to happen, you make it happen: go out and look. The passive receptor is an old school myth, like tincture of opium inspires or a good writer is a sponge.

Suggestions for everyone?
set up to post them on the blog

- make a list of topics - just topics - and post it. Go back to it later.
- take a new angle on things: shift perspective, ideology, or subjectivities
- Re-read your proposal to re-discover and refine why you're pursuing this project.
- write on a topic outside of your project every now and then. A blog doesn't have to conform to unity
- tell stories.
- Write with a lot of references to outside content. The wider your reach, the better. the individual post does not need to be unified.
- Bring in a guest blogger.
- Blog from elsewhere.
- Come up with a question and pursue it.
- Draw on any of the invention prompts from your poetry / essay courses.
- Have the interest to engage in any conversation on any blog or site that interests you.
- Find and respond to other blogs in your project area.
- Be open to learning new stuff.
- If nothing else, create lists - and link link link

list of book to read, books to write, names, dates, whatever

Some general comments
use images to illustrate
use links to get read
get out and comment to get read
search widely: search on problems and contention
what is good blog content
who is the best writer
why should I form a band
what not to feed children
how to fail classes
linsay lohan v brittney spears

Look more closely at how bloggers are writing
pace, length, use of post titles, use of images, tone ...
Blogging can make you more aware of what you are doing -

Think more broadly about what you can post and what kind of approach you can take on things. You're probably all writing as you typically do in a journal or class. Stretch it. Stretch yourselves
- responses to other blogs
- favorite quotes
- images

Some tips - and notice that they are going for $$?
Don't use them if you don't need to and comment on them - but SEARCH for them

Examples of odd postings
give me some!
I'll post these to the Daybook.

The big lesson: There are resources out there. USE THEM!

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