Readings, presentations, and other materials for the BlogsAndWikis course.

spring 2007

on Web2Point0
and placing weblogs and wikis in't
Wide Open Spaces: Wikis, Ready or Not, Brian Lamb. Or pdf

In-class presentations

On Blogs and Blogging

lecture and discussion pages

On Wikis

On Hypertext

In-class group and discussion notes

from spring, 2003
* MidtermDiscussionNotesMar1703
* MidtermDiscussion2Mar19

from spring, 2004
* TheWinerCollection
* MidtermDiscussionNotes15Mar04
* MidtermNotesPushingBoundaries17Mar04

from fall, 2004
* MidtermDiscussionFall2004
* MidtermDiscussionNotesFall2004, in class Nov 1
* StyleGuideNotes in class Nov 3

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