Massive Open Online Coures

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Three issues from Sieman
1. MOOCs suffer from high drop out rates and declining participation as the courses progresses. 

2. MOOCs require a reasonably high degree of technical skill. 

3. In theory, MOOCs scale social learning by increasing opportunities for peers to help each other. However, in most courses I’ve been involved with, a group of learners expresses their frustration at feeling disconnected and lost. Perhaps this is due to the unique attributes of open courses (learners assisting each other, complexity of interaction, multiple platforms for conversations, and so on). Or perhaps this is due to course design – i.e. we need to better plan for social learning support.

 Bringing new learners into the MOOC experience requires some level of support. We could say that this confusion is natural and learners need to accept it as part of transitioning from classroom models of learning to online, empowered learning models. 

But even then, we require better transitional support than MOOCs current offer. Or, we could plan for more structured interventions or social recommendations (i.e. “based on your profile, you might want to connect with Jane”).

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