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======Mobile Blogging======

MobileBlogging has become more common and easier to do with the advancement of technology. Laptops and netbooks are easy to carry around, and can access the internet at Wi-Fi stations or via wireless internet cards available through cell phone providers. Also, smartphones can access blogging software through the Internet browser or through downloaded applications.

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The introduction of new mediums to blog with has also increased MobileBlogging. For example MicroBlogging softwares such as TwitterAndFacebook allow the user to say what is on their mind at a given moment, usually in concise verse.

With MicroBlogging software readily available on smartphones and laptops, the emphasis in MobileBlogging has shifted from the extensive text post toward the short post.

There are still possibilities for extensive posts as well. For example, many smartphones have an application for WordPress that allows for MobileBlogging. This gives the blogger a chance to utilize OffTheCuffBlogging or IntentionalBlogging on the go.

MobileBlogging opens up opportunities for bloggers to share with their readers in real-time. A blogger can give a mobile feed of what is happening at a certain event while it is happening, instead of after the fact. This is a form of JournalisticBlogging that can be enhanced by uploading images, video and audio. This allows the reader to feel as though they are experiencing what the blogger is experiencing.

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