Three Blogs and One Wiki

Blogs for the Outdoors and Firearms Safety by: WayneSchmeling

Slow going setting up the sight as a teaching tool, lots of pages but few posts. Trying to keep an outdoor theme and professional setting. Problems include writing to 11 & 12 year-olds finding time to consistently post to both. Successes: both look professional, lots of links and hits because of material. Time is getting in the way and building the site but firearms site is getting to be fun again.

Blog for Music Reviews by: JesseStubbins

Blog for music reviews. Listen to lots of music, then post/review stuff I haven't heard. This takes a lot of time. It's going well. I try to write professionally and budget time accordingly. Time is a problem, especially when it comes to listening to music. I try to listen to everything a few times before I review. I have done relatively well keeping up with goals set. Time is the most difficult factor--theres no shortage of music. I should probably stay up later in order to allocate more time for review.

Wiki for Solving Problems in the World by: ErikRundquist

Researching for articles and attempting to find un biased information. That there is a wealth of information of the internet but specifics are very difficult to find. Sounding profesional without a degree to back it up is difficult. Building a community may prove to be challenging. Successes have been that locateing enough information for the project has been very easy. deciphiering the bias can be a challange. Other school work is gettng in my way and bouts of exhaustion. I will resolve this by trying to manage my time a little better. AND LOTS AND LOTS OF COFFEE

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