Wikis- Heather and Zach
Bigest wiki problem, lack of contributers. Not much support hall directors. How do we get people interested? Not computer/wiki savy. people seem interested, but don't contribute. Lots of questions, not much willingness to go play with the format. Used to old ways, don't know how to use it. Maybe if these wikis are given to RA's during training and they're shown how to use it, they'll work better.

For heather's wiki:
Zach: I would just get the next big hall event started right on th ewiki and let hem know that that's the place to work on it. Maybe get people in the ARC working together on it?

Zach's Wiki:
Looks good. Structure is not bad. Building page went well, it works. Need participants. Lots of potential for expansion.

Blogs- Martha and Trich
Trich: IDK, when she doesn't blog, her cousin tries to get her to post regularly by e-mailing her when he notices she hasn't updated in a while. Need to put pictures up and center them etc. Find cool pictures, can she just take them and link back to the site? Yes, that's citation. Blogs don't seem as cool because others can't write on it. Tags get more hits. Website got found on a google search too. The more broad the tags, the more hits you get off searches. Use lots of relevent tags.

Martha: Going really well, write on it two to three times per day. It's half therapeutic, can process thoughts struggles, and accomplishments. Love it when hits go up. Might want to open blog up to family members who are also on a weightloss program. Linking stuff does bump up traffic. Martha tags everything as "Diet, exercise and health" Has cool title. Sounds like a movie or book. Sometimes wonders about the validity of what's being written about. Very personal. Not there to inspire others.
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