Krista's Blog

I am doing a blog that focuses on my life, class, and whatever else that has inspired me. I'm am going to try to use it to see if I have grown at all thoughou the semester. I am finding out that trying to blog almost every day on something that has inspired me, is a little challenging. There are some days that I am cannot find anything that I want to write on and do a good job. The success of this project is that it is getting me to reflect on things in my life more, and it also has been a source for me to vent on something to get over it. Plus I will be able to look over it, and I will be able to see how I have overcome certain things in my life. The only thing that I need to change with my blog is to possibly add some pictures to make the page a little more interesting, and try to focus more on class papers or news. I don't think that people really care to hear me vent, eventhough that it helps me. So we will see what people have to say on that.

Katy's Blog

I am doing a blog that focuses on my life as a Creative and Profesional Writing Major. I am finding out that it is hard to come up with topics to blog about daily. My goal was to write new posts six times a week. Not having class everyday had inhibited me from doing so. I am also finding out that tagging and linking not only adds to the professionalism of a blog, but also brings in a lot of viewers, and brings and moe comments. Asides from coming out with diverse content, I had been struggling with picture formatting on my blog. I use Flickr to upload photos now, so it's been getting better. I think that my blog had been pretty successful in that it has a lot of content, and a decent amount of views. I think that my own procrastination is getting in the way. It is easier to write about things when they are fresh in your mind, so putting them off is not good for a blog. The only way to resolve that problem is to work harder.

Elizabeth Barclay's Blog

My web blog is about my writings, hence it's called Eb's Writings. It has some writing in it that is more like journaling, which was not something I had planned on doing at all, but one day it just sounded like fun. And then I also have nonfiction essays that I have written. I have put these all on there in hopes of getting feedback or at least for me to reread and see changes in them to help me overall improve in my writing because I am a creative and professional writing major. I have not gotten any comments really, except for two on my page, this was a little disappointing to me, but I have still kept writing because I figured at least I am able to go back and re-read my own writing anc catch things that I believe could be changed. I have though gotten a great start on my blog. It is very well developed, even more so than I had planned it to be at this point. I also have been able to keep it updated more than I thought I would be able to. Theres really nothing getting in the way, for me it's just finding the time to get on around school and work. In order to get around it I usually end up posting late at night because that's the only time I'm able to get onto a computer to post. Other than that, it's going good.

Nisha's travel Blog

My blog is on travelling in Malaysia. It has many different sites to visit in the different states, the culture, the festivals celebrated and many interesting images. I am actually finding out many diffrent in depth legends and myths about the different places. I never thought certain places have so many intereting stuffs to think about. Problems encountered might be that there is so much to write in one place that's make it difficult for me to pick and choose what will interest others. I have manage to get many different information from different website and my parents have been a great help. There are also many beautiful images online that helps my blog looks interesting. The only thing that might get in my way is, time! I have so much to write but i have other assignments coming my way. But when i do have time, i will just sit nd write. So it's pretty much about time management.

All Of Us

We've noticed in all four of our projects we pretty much have the same problems. The biggest one is being time management. The reason for this is everything going on, and then trying to find time to put aside specifically for our project. We also haven't been getting feedback like we wanted on our blogs and wikis. It would have been nice to get a little more for the work we've put into it.
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