Reflection for Mitch

up to the wedding. My plan is to have a number of people post to the blog with their ideas about the events that are going on for the wedding. My fiancee, and maybe some people from the wedding party. I think that would be neat to do this. That is my plan for the rest of the time that I'm working on this project.

What has been successful-I have found linking to be very helpful especially with linking where the wedding ceremony and reception is going to be held and looking at other wedding blogs to get ideas from. Having Ann Marie give me ideas has also been helpful.

Reflections from Jenn

I am having my students collaborate to create a study guide for the novel The Kite Runner by Khaled Housseini. The site content is developing slowly. We have covered half the novel and took a hiatus to watch the movie. The remaining content will be added over the next week or two.

I've found that it takes very specific directions to move students from seeing this as a static webpage or, at best, a hyperlinked text. Also, it takes to "perfect" the design (navigation, formatting of the page, etc). While it is always "in progress," there has to be some level of a welcoming structure to motivate participation. Finally, groups need to work on separate aspects of the page to avoid redundancy.

The problems encountered include getting students excited to post outside of class. They peek but don't edit.
There is an appalling lack of attention to academic writing. I see numerous bulleted lists but few paragraphs. The errors, such as writing "Afghanistani" instead of "Afghans," are not simply typos, but potentially offensive errors. The lack of documentation also has me concerned about plagiarism.

Successes include getting so much material online in a lot less time than I thought it would take. I think the students' insights about the novel and its development are fun to read. If we can overcome the problems mentioned above, this could be a valuable source for other students.

Obstacles include the lack of WikiWords, access via pbwiki, and lack of tracking capabilities. I cannot resolve the wikiword issue, except to stress to students more about linking. We also cannot change access as the site is hosted by pbwiki. However, I just added the site to my statcounter account and I can now track the readership (of at least the frontpage).

Beth’s Project

What are you doing? I have been working on getting the main wiki page and supporting pages set up for eLearning Support at BSU. I am concentrating on how to use the wiki and building resources.

What are you finding? I am finding that there are many ways to use wikis. I have found some really good resources that I have been able to incorporate into my wiki.

Problems? We are still trying to upgrade the wiki. It’s taking a long time to get the payment figured out through a purchase order. I’m not able to figure out any of the access controls/locking pages until that is done. I also am waiting to release the wiki to faculty until the update goes through.

Success? It’s looking good. PBwiki has a pretty good help feature so I’ve been able to figure out how to do things. I have showed it to a few people and have gotten positive comments. One faculty member actually is using some of my pages in her private course wiki! I’m happy with the structure so far, which is important.

What is getting in the way? Since I am doing the wiki for my job, I have to work with my boss in developing the vision. I have had to adjust a few things to fit her ideas. I need to sit down with my boss and get some feedback so that I develop something she is in agreement with.

How might you resolve that? I have been able to work things out so far. For example, I wanted to create department page links for each department that uses online instruction. But my boss is concerned about the wiki getting too big with other people’s stuff. So, instead of creating department pages from the wiki, we are offering to help each department or faculty set up their own wiki site.
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