Midterm Reflection

2007: assign Mon, Mar 26 for Fri 30 Mar

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from the syllabus
About mid-term or a little after, we'll meet f2f again a few times to compare notes, sort out any difficulties, see where everyone is with their projects. Then, we're back to blogging and wikiwriting, weekly readings, responses, and visits.

and from the course description
Some theory. Much practice. Much reflection.
Theory +++++++++++
Practice +++++++++++++++++++++++
Reflection +++++++++++++++++++++++

For the past four weeks, you've been engaging in the practice part: keeping your blog, designing and writing your wiki; taking part in the discussions, and so on.

This is the reflective part.

writing a reflection

The purpose of composing this wiki topic is to give you a chance to reflect on what you've done so far in this course, what you see others doing, and what that doing might mean, for you, at this moment in time. It marks where you are now, at mid term, so you can look back on it later. But writing the reflection can also give you the chance to reconnoiter: to consider where you are now to see what you might pay attention to as you progress.

Length: Once you get past a couple of paragraphs, this is up to you. My general advice is long enough to do yourself justice. After all, you're being asked to look at your own work: Perhaps you don't have much to say about that. But you want to linger on matters long enough that it will useful to you now and later.


Over the week, we'll be talking in class. I'll work with some questions to get us started, but we're bound to go in new directions. So,
There is a list of assignments on the CourseSyllabus to jog your memory.

You'll want to make notes as you do this.

What you come to include and focus on in your reflection is up to you. You can concentrate on your project if you'd like, or look to other areas as well. You can confine your reflection to what you're doing, or look as well to what others are doing and what we've read.

Often, initial reflections are vague and impressionistic, seen through a glass darkly. Perhaps they are necessarily so. We need to get something in writing so we can work with it further. So the first tempation is to write quickly, intensely, and... um, unreflectively.

But to be useful to you - marking where you are now and helping you reconnoiter and redirect - it helps to ground your reflection in particular examples, cases, substantives. So

evaluation and points

The reflection is more for you to learn with than for me to teach with. While it is possible - and useful - to for a teacher to review a reflection for what the writer has articulated and point out to the writer what she might not see, I'm not going to. I'll let you do it.

Include in your reflection an indication of the number of points you're writing to earn. I will record the points you request.
When your reflection is finished, post a link to it on the Daybook.

Deadline is 'Fri 31 Mar, midnight.'

See also MidTermDiscussion2007 - questions for discussion

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