Week 4

We are close now.


My recent blog innovation has been including complicated parts of the game and simplifying it by putting things players can directly use in my posts. In my Superflat Post about presets I included a coding guide players can either copy and paste from or build off of. I've noticed people appreciating this too. Since I posted it I've been getting more activity on my blog.

Another innovation I've had on my blog was making a series. I'm doing a multi-post series on the biomes of the game since there is enough information to give each an individual post. I'm thinking that this technique will bring in more readers that have read prior posts. I'm going to continue this series into the week.

I plan on wrapping this project up with a project within my blog. This post will be about redstone, which acts as the game's electricity. This is by far the most complicated part of the game. It deals with circuits and diodes and comparators and all sorts of complicated electrical work. This post will be a long one.

I enjoyed my post about Superflat coding. It was an opportunity for me to learn for myself how to code and teach it effectively. I'm definitely learning a lot from this project both about blogging and beyond.
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