Week 3 Review


Yet another week of adventuring is over. Here's what I accomplished in the past 7 days.

I'm getting into the more advanced parts of the games which is good. I feel I am going at a pace where my readers will be able to easily follow along as well as experiment with the ideas I am presenting to them. Soon I will be able to cover the extremely advanced potions of the game for the well experienced players and I am hoping my guide will get them to that level.

I'm changing the way I blog. I have found that this week I have been incorporating a lot more photos and links from different places. In one of this week's earlier posts about modding i linked to many sites where my readers can directly download what programs and mods I use. I also am using screencaps of programs to reference too.

The layout of my theme is still giving me trouble. I want to keep it looking like a Minecraft blog (Minecraft users are very particular about the Minecraft brand, there are a lot of Minecraft rip-offs) but at the same time I want my links to be readable and my widgets to be in a different place. Yet I have yet to find a decent theme for my needs.

A breakdown of this week's posts

Post 1
In this post I thought I gave a good visual guide to a place that is very different than the rest of the game. To most players, their first experience with the enemies I posted about is usually rough so I hope this post helped players catch on before it was too late.

Post 2
In this post I made a guide to something that takes place outside of the game and rather directly on Windows. I posted many download links to free programs and file modifiers from outside sources. I also used screencaps of program interfaces to make it easy to follow along. I also incorporated other people's guides in this post.

Post 3
This post is the definition of "a picture says 1,000 words." I embedded a graph of the brewing process to save me a LOT of typing time and the color coded arrows make it easier to follow that words would be. I also linked to videos to make information easy to access.

Post 4
My favorite part about this post is the enchanting chart I used from Minecraft wiki. Unfortunately it doesn't ebb with my current theme very well, another example of how my theme has been giving me problems. I'm currently working on fixing it.
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