Week 2

It's been one hectic week and I haven't had as much time to blog as I would have liked. That is one of the frustrating things about the blog I'm working with; it's time consuming. Blogging takes a while, but actually playing the game takes way longer. If I could do anything differently this past week I would have posted a few more times.

That being said, the posts I did have this week were major for gameplay. My posts are still tutorials, but they are different than last week's. Rather than technical tutorials like I have previously posted, this week's post about exploring mineshafts, is something that needs to be told in more of a storyline than a guide, since every one is different. The topics I blogged about are topics that are difficult to find information about so I'm glad to be one of the few that has it out there.

This week was busy for me and I didn't get to blog much. I feel the posts I did put up though were descriptive and detailed, with plenty of information about the topics for the readers. I am starting to link out more, but Minecraft is still a relatively unpopular game, so there isn't a lot of outside information, but I am trying harder to find outside links. The widget issue on my blog is still giving me trouble. I'm working on fixing it but the problem is my background. First, my background theme is perfect for my blog so I don't want to change the background image. Second, if I wanted to change the text color, I would have to pay the theme developer $70 to do so. This next week I'm going to try to find a different theme that will work better, but the search is slow.

One new idea I'm trying is foreshadowing the next post. I want to get the reader to come back to my blog so by posting things that are less widely known, I might be able to get a reader to come back for more. The theme is the main thing I want to change this week though. My current theme has no link to my about page and all of my widgets are way at the bottom of the page. I am going to start video captures of my gameplay soon to which will add a new exciting aspect to my blog.

My blog needs some work but hopefully I can get things up to speed this upcoming week!
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