Week 1
Well. First things first. Originally I stated in my proposal that I would be using Tumblr for my blog. That didn't last long. I quickly switched my blog to Wordpress. The new URL can be found here:


Tumblr just didn't work out. I wanted to be able to link more easily and use a program I was used to. Wordpress also makes it easier customize a blog with widgets and backgrounds.

I had a lot of fun working with this new blog this week. I have found it fun telling others what I know about the game. This week I got through the basics of the game, starting off, fighting, building etc. Enough to get somebody through several hours of playing. I got to some more advanced stuff with my fictional character that readers would find entertaining and even informative. The blog is, as I predicted, very photo intensive. The photos supplement the material well seeing as to how they show layouts and interfaces as well as photos documenting adventures.

Other than Tumblr not working out, nothing really went terribly wrong. I had some trouble getting my theme to work well, but I found a theme that suits my blog well. I also had some trouble with getting a Twitter stream running. I continually got "Error Twitter took too long to respond." but I eventually found out that one of the people I had streaming blocked his twitter to streaming. I still have one twitter streaming into the feed though.

I got through a lot of basic tutorials, but next week I hope to get into more advanced building tutorials.

See you next week.
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