Let's take a gander at what we have here.
It's gonna be a short one.
Ryan Heilman
Wow. Ryan's site is looking great. It's very professional looking and easy to follow. Ryan is doing an in depth guide to Age of Fire. All of his wiki pages are heavily linked which is great. A lot of the links are broken but it is still a work in progress. I really liked that he has an area right on the main page for readers to add anything they might know. I know nothing about the series and after going through some of his pages I feel I am getting a good grasp of the series.

If I could recommend anything it would be to try to fill the links on the home page. This makes the site look much better.

Matt Adams
I found Matt's wiki a little confusing. I really didn't know where to start. It felt more like a blog than a wiki but the content is excellent. I loved the On Deck section at the end. I also liked how in depth everything is that is covered. But the layout of the page is hard to follow and I feel like I don't understand the purpose of the project due to no introductory section.
One last thing. It looks like the sidebar section has the default text in one of the boxes.

Matt Buresh
This blog is great. It is so in depth and statistical. I love Matt's use of graphs for wins and losses. Also his use of online card diagrams was very helpful. The details of his mainboards are awesome. The only thing I could think of to add would be to add some photos to the wordy posts. Really great work otherwise.
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