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So, we meet again, dear Wiki. it has been a year, yet you've changed so much. I suppose you could say the same of me.

I still have the Creative Professional Writing major to go for, but I've added the awesometastic minor of Mass Communication to make things more interesting. I've also decided to go to New Zealand next year to study abroad; of course, the application will be going through soon, so this will eventually be updated to me being excited about going, or will be completely eliminated because I'm too depressed to want to look at it.

I live with my parentals and brother during the summer, along with my two puppies, Mocha and Maggie. We live on Mille Lacs lake with a large beach, and I tend to spend a couple hours every day during the summer to pick up sea glass. Otherwise, you can find me playing video games or reading in my off time.


Samurai Champloo
Cowboy Bebop
Fruits Basket

Movies I'm Greatly Anticipating

Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End

Movies I Love

Pan's Labyrinth
Kill Bill
The Matrix Trilogy
Spirited Away
The Wedding Singer
Howl's Moving Castle
Ever After
Pirates of the Caribbean Series
Actually, Anything Miyazaki

Highly Anticipated Video Games

Halo 3
Super Mario Galaxy
Super Smash Brothers Brawl

Video Games I Love

God of War II
Anything Zelda
Kingdom Hearts
Kingdom Hearts II
We Love Katamari
Super Smash Brothers
Tales of Symphonia
Beyond Good And Evil
Wii Play

Favorite Musical Stuff

Motioncity Soundtrack
The Beatles
Coheed & Cambria
this is my suitcase
David Bowie
Frou Frou
Red Hot Chili Peppers
Fleetwood Mac

Online Webcomic: Ctrl+Alt+Del
Online Webcomic: Dominic Deegan
Hilarity Ensues: Maddox
My E-mail: ilovemandikat@gmail.com Write me!

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