Malleability of Hypertext

The electronic writing space is extermely malleable. It can be fashioned into one tree or into a forest of hierarchical trees. (275)

For writers
they can create multiple structures from the same topics
For readers
the structure of a text can be entered at many points.
Think of the HomePage for this course. As long as I - or another writer of this wiki - put it there, readers can access the topic that interests them at the moment.

Even more illustrative of malleability, peek at the PageIndex for this wiki. The index is a computer-assembled list of topics in alphabetical order. It changes every time a new topic is created or deleted, and it changes again as the topics are developed.

And if that hasn't brought the point home, look at the RecentChanges]. This page lists pages that have been recently worked on, creating yet another entry point into the writing on the wiki.

But most significantly, a WikiSupportsTopicalWriting.
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