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Greetings! My name is Madeline T. Henry; I'm a third-year student at Bemidji State University, studying Computer Science in an effort to learn how to develop software for a living. This is only one interest out of a wide array, however! Over my twenty-seven years of existence, I've developed basic competencies in:

And many other illustrious skills! I consider myself an "Internet Person", in the sense that the Internet has successfully given me the ability to socialize with others in many specialized niches; poke around my Twitter account or numerous websites and you may be able to guess which ones they are.

Other Interests

I play a lot of videogames; sometimes I record myself playing them and comment publicly on the videos with friends, MST3K-style. This interest has blossomed into an obsession, which I eventually plan on sating through the straightforward creation of one (in an effort to create a portfolio for eventual post-graduate game design work).

I also draw nearly every day -- my materials are typically printer paper, a Wacom tablet, and Paint Tool SAI, but I'm interested in branching out to more physical media (watercolors, inks, and so on). This has manifested in a consistent ten-year career of creating crazy art and comics for the Internet, purely as a hobby for my own enjoyment (though not necessarily by choice 100% of the time).

My initial intent throughout this course was to document the creation of a stable web presence on my new hosting, but it's become clear that I'm going to have to step up my game in order to keep up with a fast-paced, creativity-focused class like this. A little frustrating, but simultaneously exciting!

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