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Please take a look at this page--something I hope to develop with others' help: HowToWriteASentence.

Wikis as a Process

The ability of wikis to allow instantaneous, or nearly instantaneous, collaborative writing is what most intrigues me about the technology. It has its uses, and it has other uses I would never touch: I would never use it for creative or artistic expression--there has never been a good novel that was collaboratively written. But a learning process, in which every contributor knows a little bit of the whole, and when put together you get the whole and a synthesis that goes even beyond the whole, has incredible potential, at least in the ideal. The problem is pulling the ideal down into the real:
  • One problem is a problem of hierarchy and who gets the say in the final product--what gets included and what doesn't.
  • Another problem is who determines what the final product is, or if there should even be a final product.
  • Another problem is who gets credit for the work down. On this page, naturally that would be me. Or would it?
  • Another problem is the direction the page would go--it's easy to imagine that the page would diverge wildly from its originator's intention. So who controls that, or should it go uncontrolled?

I suppose the best way to address any of these problems would be to work on a page. I will be lurking in the shadows of other wiki pages.


Thesis, Antithesis, Synthesis


My Fellow Prisoners (quoted from John McCain).

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