Kevin Kimlinger

Kevin Kimlinger (born October 25, 1990) is an Bemidji State student, and a member of the ENGL 3177: Weblogs and Wikis Section 1 class.

Who Was That Masked Man Anyway?

You ask who this "Kevin Kimlinger" person is, like I have any clue at all. Oh sure, I know all the facts: 21 years old, hometown is Rochester, MN, he's a Creative & Professional Writing major, and he works as a writing tutor, but all that tells me nothing of the man himself. Is he a good man? Is he kind? Is he generous? I dare say that i suspect not. From what i know of the man, he cowers in fear of any honest moral dilemma, choosing to lock himself away beneath an armor made of hard humor, believing that a well thought out opinion is never asked for from the jester.

Also I hear he writes strange meta posts on his class wiki page, where he seems to admit that he is a buffoon and a clown an not to be listened to, and frankly, I'm a little weirded out. Does he need therapy? Is he treating this wiki as psychologist? Or is this just another one of his "funny" jokes? We may never know, but the answer is yes. Still, a trip to the mental ward is probably in order.

He doesn't actually wear a mask either. You must have him confused with someone else.

Why should I Care?

You probably shouldn't.

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