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What’s My Super Power?

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Executive Description
Overall I will be talking about different kinds of disabilities and how people overcome them. I will be using a blog and this will help me because I can do a different disability per post.


For my project I want to focus on different disabilities and how people have overcame them. I also want it to be almost like a help page. An easy to read not to wordy pages with all kinds of different disabilities and not focusing how bad the disabilities is but some people who have the disabilities and have overcome that obstacle and who they do their daily life with that specific disabilities.

The blog will be an uplifting and informational at the same time. The blog will be green with the title on top with a picture. I will have a few tabs one saying about, what is a disabilities, gallery, then my super power whihc will have a tab with image of people who have overcome there disability. I will have a widget on the side of all the post. I will be researching different disabilities then I will post what the disability is a little information about the disabilities how it is caused and then there will be a picture of some kind of famous person meaning, actor, athlete, teacher. and how that person has over come that disabilities. it will be like that for each post then there will be some resources to learn more about the disabilities.

I will set aside a time a few times a week and sit down and research a disability and find out about the disability and explain it and then I will find someone who has that disability to show that they still did or is doing really well in life despite the disabilities they have.With each of the posts will have at least three links to other sites explaining the disability or to a video clip or a link for resources. The blog will be easy to read and have images and will be viewer friendly.

My focus one this project will really be about who has overcome this disability and how they have overcome the disability. It will also really explain the disability in an easier to understand way and not make it seem so bad. With that being said I really want to get out of this project is the understand of using a weblog and learn more about different disabilities that are out there. What I want other people to get out of this is that people with disabilities should not be underestimated and are equal of even better then people without a disabilities. I also what people to get out of this is that what ever struggle life throws at you, you can overcome that obstacle and help other who are still going through the same or a similarity obstacle you have gone through.

Weekly Reports

My weekly reports will be a summary of the four disabilities I choose for that week and which people are affiliated with that disabilities. I also will explain what was easy or hard for me working with the project. I will be posting my weekly reports on my main blog. http://katie2014bsu.wordpress.com/

Contract for Grades

I am looking for 150points. Which mean I will be posting a minimum of four times a week plus a week summary. The post will be shorter posts my personal goal is 500-800 words. Also each post will have at least 3 links. Also my summary will have what I worked on for that week linked to it.
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