Project Proposal: How Blogging Can Improve Writing

E-mail Address:

Executive Description
For this project, I will create a Tumblr account surrounding the concept of writing as a skill.

Narrative Goals
Being that my major is Creative and Professional Writing, I am always looking for tools to add to my toolbox.

I will be researching other blogs centered around writing primarily. Most blogs that I will encounter will be mostly based around the blogger's own personal writing. With that information in mind, I will also be researching different sources for more information. I theorize that within a blogging community such as Tumblr, writing skills can grow and be nurtured safely, and as a result, more productive and creative writing will be produced.

Weekly Reports
I will post 1-2 times a week, with intermediate reblogs of posts I find to be particularly useful or informative.
I expect my posts will range from 200-300 words, but really, there is no limit.

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