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Freelance Writing Online

For now we are going to consider this little bit of wikispace as a sandbox for the development of my website about freelance writing online. This wiki will serve my purposes in a few ways. First, it will give people in Morgan's class a chance to see how wikis are used to generate content in a collaborative atmosphere, like blackboard software for corporations, but with out the Golden Arches and security systems. It will also give people who will eventually see the finished product of freelance-online.org a chance to see how wikis can be used to generate and publish content (albeit, without advertisements). This space will give me a chance to rearrange and write, and posit questions to myself and others, and collect links and data that I will eventually be using on the final site.

To the right, you will see my working design/layout for Freelance Writing Online. As you can see it is as plain and simple as I could get it. A design that would help the audience focus on the words rather than on pictures of fists grabbing $100 bills or a man running off with a bag labeled with a $ sign. This is not Getrichquickville.

Topics for Consideration



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Other Notes

I've recently learned how to float a block of advertisements in a static page with a little CSS. The code looks something like this:
<div style="display:block;float:right;margin: 5px 5px 5px 5px;"></div>
This revelation--the ability to wrap text around an advertisement--makes me wonder if I should taylor the design of my website to handle 300 x 250 block google ads, which brings up another question to tackle, perhaps, in the website: if your goal is to make money with writing, do you design around the content or do you design around the advertisements? Studies have proven that location/placement of advertisements can make or break an advertisement campaign.

Blog (www.freelance-online.org/blog): I'm still toying with the idea of having a blog for the site, but would it have a purpose?


That is our newly adopted kitten, Sebastian. He is lazy like cat and he licks like a dog, which leads me to believe that he is either a dat or a cog. I wanted to name him Chompers. Natasha wouldn't let me.
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