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My name is Jess Bohmbach and I am about to plagiarize my own autobiography from a wiki that I put together last year for Intermediate Writing.

Welcome to my homepage for Intermediate Writing Elements of E-Rhetoric Weblogs and Wikis. I am currently a freshman sophomore here at BSU. Presently, my major(s) is are German Education , but I am also thinking about adding and English Education to that. Outside of school, I love traveling and listening to and playing music.


Though I've never been farther south than Iowa and Minnesota North Dakota is the farthest west that I've ever been, I consider myself well-traveled. I love to immerse myself in other cultures, especially those of Europe. Here is a list of countries (other than the U.S.) that I've been to:


I started playing music when I was in fifth grade and took up the violin. I very rarely play that anymore, but have replaced it with my guitars. Aside from playing, I love listening to music. My taste extends from classical to modern, but I tend to focus on Bob Dylan. These are some of the performers that I've seen in concert:

My Past

I was born on K.I. Sawyer Air Force Base in Northern Michigan on account of my dad was in the Air Force. When I was very young, we got transferred to a Base in England, where we lived for a few years. This enabled me to experience life in a part of the world that most other children from the U.S. never get a chance to see. After our time there, we moved back to K.I. Sawyer, just in time for the government to shut the Base down. At that time, my dad retired and we moved to Red Wing, Minnesota, my parents' hometown.

For the first few years after moving to Minnesota, I thought about Michigan a lot and missed it quite a bit. As I got older and started high school, I met some great students and wonderful teachers that changed my life. Eventually, I learned to call Red Wing my hometown. (Sometimes, anyway)

My Future

I hope to eventually become a German and/or English instructor in the high school arena. I would like to stay in Minnesota, where I can see the Minnesota Twins play all their games.

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