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Hello everyone. Welcome to my little corner of our course wiki. As you probably already know from the page title, my name is Jesse, and music and computers are my game. I enjoy collecting old computer components and creating tolerable machines out of them (my definition of "tolerable" is probably not the same as yours). And yes, this is a picture of me...with a computer. Yikes. It's not the newest picture of me either, but that's ok. It's still me.

About Me

I really enjoy music. I like a bit of everything...all styles and such. Of course, I have my preferences, but who doesn't? I guess if you were to boil my musical tastes down, I'm really into rock music, or rock 'n' roll for the enthusiasts. Growing up The Beatles were my favorite band, and my father played in various rock bands over the years. As I grew a little older, my tastes changed a bit, and I became more aware of other musics. I still believe The Beatles are the most important thing to happen to modern music, but they are not in my collection of regularly rotated LPs and CDs. These days it's more "modern" music, so-to-speak.

I also really like computers. It's now I entertain my inner nerd. I enjoy playing with free software and everything that goes with the free software movement. I'm an avid Slackware user, and enjoy the challenge of installing and configuring it on various odd pieces of hardware. Check out my site on how to get Slackware installed on an Asus EeePC.

As always, this is a developing page, therefore things may be added and/or changed quite often. Bye!

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