My first experiment with wiki, in class form.
I'm not terribly adept at any of this stuff, but you can track me all over the internet, here's some links:
My original Blog
My Class Blog
My Podcast of Bagpipe Power
My Ojibwe Podcast, man do I need to update it
Podcast Myspace
wetootwaag@gmail.com Contact me

I'm a lowly undergrad, in my 5th year, waiting to get out of school. I spend most of my professional time working as a Park Ranger at Grand Portage or working on stuff for the Ojibwe publication here at BSU Oshkaabewis Native Journal.
Surely I'll have some brilliant things to come, I'm planning on having a Reenacting Wiki for my project. I spend too much time checking some living history message boards (only slightly ironic), and the same questions are always asked by newcomers, while people answer with saved responses, so it's getting to the point where there ought to be a wiki where all the stuff lives.

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