Blogs like Feministe, Gender Geek, and Waiter Rant, appear to be very intentional.

The writers post about a variety of things, but Feministe and Gender Geek are mostly filters informing their readers about feminist issues, and their writing is very professional, but the purpose is to direct the reader to other areas of the internet to learn more information. This requires much time and effort, and does not fit in with the blog stereotype of slang, incorrect grammar, or less time, but it is information that would not be very useful in a book.

They are time sensitive, so a blog is the perfect medium for it. So, one thing about blogging, is the idea of time-sensitive information. Whether you're informing your readers about what you did yesterday or of current events, it's timely and needs to be published immediately to inform.

Yet, not all blogs are like this. Waiter Rant is not time sensitive. His posts are very thought out. The grammar is perfect, and he gets a moving conclusion into all of his dialogue filled posts. These little exerpts could be published now, or they could be published in a few years, but the daily posting keeps his readers intregued with something to read every day instead of once every few years. Plus, it takes a lot less effort for the writer, who would have to deal with publishers and editors if he was to write a book. With a blog, he can write what he wants and it gets to his very large audience immediately.

Blogs can take on different sides of intentional writing verses off-the-cuff writing, depending on what the author desires, but the quick publication keeps readers happy and makes it easier for the writer to get out short tidbits of information or small short-stories, if that is what they want to do. Blogging has changed writing because it allows authors to write what they want without editors and publishers, so it's an automatic means to get out the product, whatever that product is.

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