Intellectual Property


Any product, idea or work that results from creative thought and/or IndividualCreativity.


Intellectual Property is protected and governed by various national and international laws, depending on where the idea was created, what it is, and other factors.

6 Steps to Protect Intellectual Property

  1. Register you idea
  2. Don't talk about it
  3. Record your idea in detail
  4. License your work
  5. Make the investment

Controversy Over Protection of Ideas

There are three main causes to the explosion in the controversy over the protection of ideas. The first being that brainpower drives the modern economy. Second, technological changes has made it harder to protect ideas. Third, globalization has made it easier for intellectual property to spread around the world with weaker protection of ideas.

On top of these trends, the "idea industry" has grown exponentially. More books, movies, drugs, music, software, and video games exist today than any other time in history. Originators of innovative ideas want to stop others from using their own ideas for free.
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