Given the definition in WhatIsAHypertext, look to how the role of writer/author changes:

On a wiki, you're creating both the topics and the connections between them, "defining a scheme of electronic connections to indicate relationships" (Bolter) between your writing and the thing you're writing about.

* as author, you're now responsible not only for the words, sentences, and paragraphs, but the topics, connections between them internally, and connections between your writing and that of others.

* as author, you're not just writing in words but creating links to other writing; and in your blogging you create the commentary - glosses - on that other writing.

* as author, you may create new meaning by linking: linking the WORD Walmart to an ARTICLE about Walmart creates a commentary. Linking turns the word Walmart into a topic name, and the place you point to becomes the topic content.

* as author, you're responsible for creating paths - multiple paths - among the topics that make sense - that have meaning - to both you and readers (Bolter, 279). AuthorAsPathMaker

Now there's a can of worms.

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