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Wikis become places for discussion and debate leading to documents. We have other places for discussion: email lists, web boards, chat rooms, the student union. But wikis center their discussion around interlinked topics. Wikis develop over time, and wikis 'persist'.

seed assignments

The WritingTheWikiProject

You are being asked to help create this wiki, working in part to shared seed readings, and part to other moments that spur consideration and writing.

You, as students and as writers, can bring to the wiki topics, perspectives, matters of concern and interest, that are valuable to others in this course (now and in future semesters) and valuable to users of the Internet at large.

Some connection with writing is best, but I'm not going to rule out other topics that might find their way into the wiki. If in doubt, create a new page. If it proves connectable, great. If it doesn't connect right away, it might later.

How to Proceed

I'll use periodic readings to seed new pages and help you develop existing ones. I'll select the readings to spur some topics for development in the project, and I'll suggest some topics that might prove useful. I'm not asking you to formally respond to readings so much as start with ideas in readings to see what you can make from them.

After a reading, you need to find or create a place to contribute: find an existing topic or create a new one.

There will be a wiki page for each reading. I'll write a brief summary and list some possible topics to start with. Go to the reading page, leave some comments or consideration or questions in ThreadMode, or add to the DocumentMode section. Watch for places to create topics that you can work with.

Then start writing. Draw on the reading to get started and to keep going. We read and write in the context of other readers and writers. We can bring them in, link to them, work with their ideas.

Other options for getting started and for writing
You can
'Keep track of what you've done, roughly, on your WikiHome page. I'll use Recent Changes to get the details.

I'm looking for 1000 words or so, spread out across a number of topics, or concentrated. Or a major refactoring.

Adding on your own

You don't need to wait for a reading to add to and develop the project. Add at any time, when an issue, topic, idea raises its head.

Again, try to keep track of what you've done on your WikiHome page so I can give you credit for your work.


I'm not really sure (yet) how to grade contributions to the wiki. I'll give you some feedback on what you've contributed so you get a sense of how what you're doing seems to fit in with other doings - and to let you know that I'm still out here, reading.

So, rather than my assigning grades to the contributions, you'll earn points that contribute to your overall course grade. Move the project forward and get a prize.

* 1000 words or a major refactoring = 200 points.
I'm expecting some connection to or drawing on the ideas in the reading. The reading may help you add to topics, or revise earlier work with topics, or refactor topics, or start new topics...
* 500 words or so = 100 points
* 0 words = 0 points
* Antagonistic stuff, rants, bigotry, well-off topic, noise = 0. It just doesn't count.

Extra contributions

Extra contribution means 'extra', that is, on top of contributions to the wiki that stem from the readings. Extra doesn't mean 'instead of'. You'll earn the same amount of points for work above and beyond as above, but only after working with responses to readings.

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