To aggregate, annotate, and start remixing the articles we read in common, and move towards remixing and repurposing the ideas in them into wiki pages for our use and next year's use.

Wikis are about the social: social construction of knowledge, social production, cooperative creation.

Before anything else,

read all three articles to get a sense of HowWikiWorks in general, and read the pages listed here to get a sense of how this wiki works.

Wiki Pages

When you're ready to start adding to the wiki,

Log in. You can practice editing on your WikiName or the wiki-wide SandBox.

Then go to any of the starting pages to get started. To start with, there are two notes pages and a few topics pages:

Double-click on the page to enter edit mode and you're ready to edit.

I'll be adding to this list of pages as the project progresses.

Start with Collective Notes

We'll start this collective project with some collaborative notes on the readings and topics they spawn, aggregating and annotating to start with. Cast your notes on the readings as you think will make them useful to the wiki. We strive for fairness and comprehensiveness. But that doesn't neutralize contention. WikisThriveOnContention. We encourage a variety of RhetoricalManners) Use ThreadMode to discuss the topic and work out other topics related to the readings.

I've included a rough template in the readings notes pages to give you a sense of where to work and what to do to get started:

Summary, including publishing info, and other works of authors and in similar vein.
Detailed notes, with internal CamelCase links internally and out to sources and side references
Points of contention/critiques/dispute/further discussion, again, with CamelCase links to local new pages for development, and links out.
Further reading and links.

Use the heading to get started and to decide where to place your first DocumentMode materials. Add other heads to reflect the issues at hand as needed. Abandon the heads if they don't fit and introduce another plan.

What you write in ThreadMode or DocumentMode can include links to other related pages on the wiki, as well as open links to new pages that can be created and developed.

Stay with a small set of pages through Sunday, then we'll move out into the broader shallows.

And some notes


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